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I’ve spent 10 years working in the healthcare industry, specifically, I worked for a Medical Device company that helped patients with severe Emphysema breath better. For those that don’t know, severe emphysema is when trapped air fills the pockets of your lungs. It hyper inflates leaving you with less room to breathe.

To better understand this, try to take ¾ of a breath. Hold your breath and try to breath from that point onwards. That ‘gasping’ for air feeling is what people with severe emphysema feel. You feel like you’re drowning in your own body and in my opinion, it is one of the worst disabilities that one can have.

Over the course of many years, I worked on a product that helped those patients’ breath better.

Working in theatres, you see the vulnerability of many of these patients, The procedure that we were doing only worked on a select group of people. Here is what I learnt throughout that experience.

1) is that human beings can be incredibly resilient. I saw so much strength under all the physical fragility in front of me. I saw hope amongst suffering. Optimism that tomorrow will be a better day.

2) Have a baseline for what happiness is- In one particular case, we had to go in for a patient that had a cancer that has already spread. She was only 17. I remember looking at her and how weak she looked because of all the chemotherapy. The countless surgical procedures she went through. I remember being there thinking, my god she is only 17. The procedure was a success and helped improve her quality of life, but she had since passed on. I still remember her face. I came out that day thinking that I will never take life for granted again. My baseline for happiness is my health. It’s the roof on top of my head and the family and friends that I have around me. Everything else is a bonus. That new car, that new house, that new trip. All those are add-ons to what I already have. The more grateful I became, the happier I have become.

3)  Seeing people develop is the ultimate form of satisfaction. Seeing patients get better after the procedure is done is an incredibly rewarding feeling. I had specialists call me to let me know that some of their patients are bouncing around because they feel like they’ve been given a second chance at life.  That feeling itself has become my drug, it is the reason why I decided to get into disability support. To see people achieve their goals. We all have our dreams and objectives. And if I can help facilitate that for you, then I see nothing more rewarding than that. I’ve worked hard in ensuring that every one of our clients is supported and listened to. I cannot say I have all the answers, I am fortunate enough however, to have a network of healthcare professionals and colleagues that support my endeavours in enhancing our client’s quality of life. Through this podcast, we will be having conversations with healthcare professionals, patients and participants.  We will tackle issues in disability that range from mental health, employment, and personal development. We would love to hear your story. I have added a link in the bio for those interested. Thank you

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