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What is NDIS?

The NDIS provides equitable support services for disabled individuals across Australia, promoting autonomy, improving daily living, and fostering independence.
The NDIS provides equitable palsy support services

Verify Your Eligibility

The NDIA assesses NDIS eligibility based on age, residence, and disability criteria. Click here to verify your eligibility for NDIS support.

Collaborate with an Expert

Expert Support for NDIS Plan Meetings: Enhance Your Preparation and Goal Achievement.

Turn Vision into Action

Efficiently execute your plan with top providers, skilled support workers, and proficient fund management for optimal outcomes.

How the System Works?

Upon approval, collaborate with the NDIA to create your personalised NDIS plan, outlining goals and allocated funding. With your plan, access services and support. Optimise your plan with our support coordination. Already have a plan? Discover our NDIS support service and find suitable supports for your funding.

How to Access Support

As an NDIS participant, you have important rights during the assessment process. These rights include receiving clear information about the assessment expectations, actively participating by sharing relevant information about your disability and support needs, and having your input considered in decision-making for your NDIS plan. If you’re unhappy with the assessment outcomes, you also have the right to appeal the decisions made.

How do I Register for NDIS?

To register for NDIS, contact us by phone or through our official website. We’ll arrange an Access Request meeting to assess your eligibility and support needs. Once eligible, we’ll work together to create a personalised plan. Periodic reviews and updates will ensure its effectiveness. Consider engaging a disability advocate or service provider for extra support.


Effectively managing your NDIS plan involves regular review and updates, proactive communication with support providers, and utilising the participant portal. Maintaining comprehensive records of interactions and promptly reporting any concerns or issues ensures optimal engagement with the scheme and maximizes its benefits.

Embrace your freedom.

Embrace Your Autonomy, Live Life on Your Terms

A Journey of Support, Empowerment, and Fulfillment
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Our extensive range of household assistance services encompasses various essential tasks, such as meticulous cleaning, proficient laundry care, efficient errand running, expert meal preparation, basic yard duties, and minor home maintenance. With our committed team of highly skilled support workers, you can confidently entrust these responsibilities, enabling you to concentrate on other pressing matters while ensuring a flawlessly organised and pristine living environment.



Path 2 Life Care offers Supported Independent Living (SIL), a crucial NDIS support service aimed at enabling individuals to live independently within their own homes. With a dedicated team, we prioritise empowering individuals by assisting them in developing vital life skills and meeting their specific needs and preferences. Our round-the-clock support ensures that personal care and cooking tasks are taken care of, while our transportation services provide convenient access to appointments, shopping, and social events, enhancing overall independence and quality of life.

At Path 2 Life Care, we go the extra mile to ensure you find a home that perfectly suits your needs. We take great care in matching you with compatible housemates who share similar interests, creating an environment that fosters companionship and shared experiences. The decision is entirely yours, and we are here to support you every step of the way in finding a home where you can thrive and feel truly at home.